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✅ The two main actions of the biceps include flexing the elbow and turning your palm and forearm upward, or supinating the hand. The biceps separates at the top of the muscle, attaching to the shoulder blade in two different places.



✅ The two heads come together at the bottom of the muscle and attach to your forearm just below the elbow. Because the long or outer head of the biceps crosses two joints — shoulder and elbow — it also contributes to shoulder flexion and works with the front shoulder muscle to lift your arm in front of you.


📌Training Two Heads

✅ Different types of curls will stress different phases of the range of motion, according to “Optimal Muscle Training”. While the mid-range is stressed by the standing barbell curl, the preacher curl emphasizes the beginning of the movement and the concentration curl puts the most pressure on your biceps toward the end of the flexion.

📌 To isolate the short head, ✅ perform curls with your arms positioned in front of your body. If you do curls on an incline bench with your arms behind your trunk, you’ll isolate the long head. Also, the flexion strength of your biceps increases the higher your arm is positioned relative to the shoulder. In contrast to a dumbbell curl, which begins with arms down by your sides, a chin-up will put more pressure on your biceps.


How to Biceps Training Guide
How to Biceps Training Guide


📌 Although the biceps ✅ get all the spotlights, there are four major upper arm elbow flexor muscles: the biceps brachii, the brachialis, the brachioradialis and the teres pronator. The brachialis is the muscle under the biceps that contributes to elbow flexor size. If your pronated curling strength is not 82% of your supinated grip strength, your brachialis is weak and most likely under-developed.

📌 “The grip-width you use on barbell curls ✅ can make all the difference on your biceps growth. Using a standard, shoulder-width grip uses both the long (outer) head and short (inner) head of the biceps fairly evenly. The wider you go from there, the more short head emphasis and the narrower you go, the more long head emphasis.

Biceps Grip Tips
Biceps Grip Tips


✅ Be sure to include in addition to shoulder-width grip curls, some wider-than-shoulder-width-grip curls to place extra stress on the short head (building the bicep width) and close-grip curls to place extra stress on the long head (building bicep peak). This will help you bring up the size of each biceps head, which together will create larger biceps.

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