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Russian twist – an exercise for oblique muscles

Russian twist - an exercise for oblique muscles



Russian twists is a great exercise for oblique muscles of the abdomen, allowing to make the waist narrow, and the line of the sides clear and beautiful. Exercise is suitable for any level of training and has a lot of variations, differing in complexity. Let us analyze this kind of twists in more detail.

Muscle work

When doing Russian twists, the inner and outer oblique abdominal muscles get the optimal load. The rectus abdominis and the transverse muscle, which is directly below it, also works. In other words, the entire press is working.

What this gives us:


  • Forming an elastic flat stomach and traced sides.
  • Reduction in the volume of the abdominal cavity. Developed muscles support the internal organs in the right position.
  • A trained press is necessary for many sports. In particular, these are martial arts, tennis, football, hockey, etc. With caution to doing Russian twists, people who have problems with the spine should be treated. If during the training you experience discomfort or pain in the back, the exercises should be stopped.

How to lose weight in the abdomen and not to pump muscle?

However much we like it, training the press will not help burn fat on your stomach and sides. That is, if you have extra weight, you certainly will tighten the figure and strengthen, but the relief will not appear until the amount of fat in the body changes. With regard to weight loss, there is a golden rule – you need to consume less than to receive. That is, to achieve the goal you need to either reduce the diet, or increase physical activity, or all together. And then the magnificent relief of the sides and the cubes of the press will not take long. Intensive implementation of twists, by the way, entails considerable energy costs.


The second fact concerns pumping of oblique muscles and, accordingly, farewell to the dream of a narrow waist. For most people, press exercises are recommended to be performed without additional burdening and in a large number of repetitions. Russian twists are also relevant. Of course, for a more intensive muscle development, you can use a small little pancake or weighting agent, but it’s worth doing only if your goal is not to narrow your waist, but to increase the amount of muscle to enhance their relief. Next, variations of Russian twists will be given without additional weight and using weights.

Other versions with weight

Russian twist - an exercise for oblique muscles
Russian twist – an exercise for oblique muscles



This variation allows you to stress the load on the lower part of the musculature of the press. In the starting position, you lie on your back, and your legs are raised and bent at the right angle. Hands can be diluted to the sides to maintain balance. Leave your knees alternately to the right and left, making sure that there is no deflection in the lower back.

Russian twist is an excellent multivariate exercise that will allow you to effectively pump the oblique abdominal muscles and get the figure of your dreams.

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