🚨Triceps & Chest Dips | Pics & Guide

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🔥 Triceps & Chest Dips

Triceps & Chest Dips
💥 Triceps & Chest Dips

💥 Dips are a great exercise for both triceps and pecs developments specifically the lower pec fibers. There are slight variations to how each is performed in order to
target the triceps or pecs. Here is how to target each one;


🚨 To target the lower pecs you want to slightly lean forward while bring the arms out to your side at about 30 degrees. This puts the pectorals lower fibers in a more advantageous position through internal rotation and abduction.
To target the triceps on the other hand bring the arms as close to your body as possible and keeping the toso a straight as possible, this will put the pecs in a less favorable position while keeping the triceps active. If this version is to difficult you opt for a bench dip where less weight will be placed on the triceps.

Triceps & Chest Dips
🚨 Triceps & Chest Dips

✅ Make sure you’re not flaring the arms too much pas 45 degrees as it can put a strain on your shoulder joint. A proper shoulder warm up would be beneficial prior to performing the pec focused dips.

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