💥UNEVEN FLAT Abdominal

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🔥UNEVEN FLAT Abdominal

💥 UNEVEN FLAT Abdominal

​​​✅Fix your abs, the biggest mistake you might be making when it comes to core training, and I’m not being dramatic here. You might be wondering why your abs doesn’t look right or why they’re not coming out how you want them? You’ll find out why, I focus a lot of aesthetics of musculature here but that is only for your attention, deeply rooted in my post are things to make you stronger healthier and a better athlete. Remember guys form dictates function, my goal is to get your form right so it can function to its best.


Now the truth, your abs are comprised of layers, you can see in the top picture and they’re all connected with fascial sheets which can influence the rest. You have your external obliques, ineteral recuts abdominis and the transverse abdominis. If there one side of the obliques are weaker theyre going to influence how your rectus abdomins works your (six-pack muscle). Not only how it works but how it looks. Granted some of it is also structural but this can influence it too. The mistake people make is training only the rectus abdominis to get six pack, and for some people it might work those who have good genetics or naturally work all of the deep muscles. But for most we have to target the rest of the muscles.


The next thing is you may say, I train my whole core I do a lot of planks and dead bugs and stuff, these are all isometric training exercises. You have to start training the rotation aspect of the obliques. Incorporate twisting exercises like wood chops, pallof press twisting leg raises, anything like that. Youll notice a difference!

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