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🔥 Advantages Over Classic Squat:

  1. No need to use a partner to secure. At the lowest point, if you cannot get up, you always have a stub at your fingertips to reduce the weight movement in the simulator. Thus, you can install them and get out from under the hammer mashine without the risk that you will be squeezed by weight.
  2. The entire load falls on the legs. This is good for isolated exercises and impractical for basic exercises. In the case of classic squats, the whole body works to maintain balance at every point in the movement.
  3. You will not fall. You have nowhere to fall. Hands you hold the shoulder pads, and the pelvis is pressed against the back of the simulator.
  4. No need to hold the barbell on the shoulders. In this case, you get up under the soft shoulder pads. Ideal for girls who are afraid of bruises.

🔥Features of the Exercise HACK SQUAT:

  • Knees. They should look in the same direction as the feet. That is a little to the side.
  • And again knees.Make sure that they do not go ahead by the socks. It is better that your partner is watching you from the side while you are doing Gack squats on the simulator. He will notice if something is wrong.
  • The pelvis should not detach from the back of the simulator.
hummer squat
hummer squat

The platform on which you get up when you perform Gakk squats, has a rectangular shape. You can put the legs in 4 ways:

  1. Legs are located nearby.
  2. Widely spaced.
  3. The feet are on the lower edge of the platform.
  4. And on the top edge.
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