Ways to Burn Fat for Quicker Weight Loss

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Loss success stories

Ways to Burn Fat for Quicker Weight Loss!

The girl on the left was fed up with watching 7+ hours of television with a steady stream of high-calorie snacks, not being able to do normal activities that used to be fun, being out of breath if she had to walk across a parking lot or up the single flight of stairs to her office, feeling too embarrassed to eat in a restaurant because of the three courses she planned to order, hating every picture she was in, wondering if she could ever have a healthy pregnancy, feeling 30 years older than she was, holding her breath anytime she sat down on a piece of someone else’s furniture, and planning her life around the things she couldn’t do.

🌟She was also brave. She held her head up high and went to the gym every single day. She threw herself out of her comfort zone in the grocery store, the kitchen, the gym, the weight room, in pictures, and in life. Her job and started a business and followed the damn process during a year of 80+ hour work weeks. She followed the process while moving her family 600 miles away. She followed the process while sick and while traveling and when she really didn’t want to. She clapped for herself for the year it took for other people to take notice and show respect. She set new goals every time she achieved one. And when she had to start over again in a new city where everybody assumed she was just an overweight woman starting her journey, she held her head high again and did it.

The girl on the right reaps the rewards of that hard work, that blind optimism, that bravery. Nothing feels impossible when you did it all with 140 more pounds weighing you down.

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