weight loss journey

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Today is monumental; one for the record books. I have hit my second major goal in this weight loss journey.

weight loss journey

🌟I have lost 101 lbs.🌟 I might need to say that again. 💥Through blood, bruises, so much sweat, tears, and more tears, sore muscles, good days, bad days, busy days, and holidays…I have lost 101 lbs!!!💥 I have cried off and on today out of pure pride and love for myself.

❤️ I have gained more confidence and muscle and I have dropped a ton of dress sizes and excuses. But most importantly, I have added years back to my life and I have gifted my children the mother they deserve and gifted my husband the wife and partner he deserves. (Tears again)

So what’s next? My journey isn’t done and really won’t ever be. But I have more weight to lose and I will be documenting my journey through the excess skin removal surgeries.
Your support and love means so much.

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