weight loss pictures

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When you’re sick, in bed & need a gentle reminder of just how incredible you really are life may knock you down (at the most inconvenient of times😒).  

weight loss pictures

But I think it’s Gods way of reminding us to stop as smell the roses.

Like Ferris Buller Said; “Life Moves Pretty Fast”sometimes in the darker moments, you have to appreciate the Good.

I’m not 335 lbs anymore, Get this ! Im below 200lbs !!! and that to me is a miracle ! I remember being a little girl, the tallest & fattest out of everyone and saying why can’t I be like everyone else.I guess the truth is! I was born to stand out ! And today I’m good with that ! I’m happy, because I make ME happy. And I accept me for ME . It’s one of the toughest lessons I’ve had to learn.

But the most rewarding . So everyone have a safe evening, I’ll be alone with nextflix resting up message me if ya get bored.

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