Guy swinging in the gym

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Today marks 169 days of my Transphormation and Everyone keeps asking me how I’m gonna celebrate my win.
guy swinging in the gym

At the gym they keep asking me when I’m gonna kick back and take a day off. .

I just shake my head.
Because I’m not ready to celebrate. .

I’m not done.
I feel like I just began.

I have so much more to ingrain in my psyche and mindset and routines so that I can keep succeeding.
Not just on a physical level.
But I’m all areas of my life.
The money was definitely a blessing…no doubt about that.
But I’m not going to waste it.
I want to invest it wisely so that financially I can keep winning from that part of the win.
I still have bigger goals for where I want to take my physical routines.
Routines and habits that become so ingrained that I never fall back to where I was before. .
I want to keep learning. .

I want to keep growing. .

I want to keep running the race as if there is no finish line.
I feel like I’ve gotten to this place that I never thought it was even possible.
I thought I was too old.
I thought this isn’t my time anymore.
But then I made that decision back at the end of July… and I kept working at it.
I kept proving to myself that I could.
Now I feel even more hungry and inspired to keep chasing the next win, to keep learning, to keep growing, to keep reinventing and to keep creating. -I’ve got a lot more to prove.
To myself.

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