3 Best Biceps Exercises for Men’s | Arm Workouts & Tips

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🔥 3 Best Biceps Exercises for Men’s

How to pump up really beautiful, as it is also called, “high” biceps?

Overhead Cable Biceps Curl


Firstly, especially if you are a beginner, you need to remember and put into practice the main rule of “working on weight” in the gym: the basis of your training should be the so-called heavy basic exercises: bench presses and dumbbells, squats with a barbell, lunges, various types traction exercises. They give a general increase in muscle mass and strength. If you perform only those exercises where no more than one or two muscles work, you will not only not pump up your beautiful hands – you, in principle, will not achieve a more or less good, visible result.

Secondly, you need to deal regularly, and not from case to case. At least three times a week.

Thirdly, when working to increase muscle volume, a special diet with an emphasis on protein products is important. As a rule, if you have taken the path of “mass”, then you need to consume up to two grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day. Ideal sources of protein are fish, poultry, lean meat, seafood, sour milk, and egg whites.

Now we turn directly to the exercises that help shape the “peak” of the biceps. There are three of them, and they can be used both in a complex and complement them with other exercises in your training cycle.

Incline Barbell Curl 

Incline barbell curl vs incline dumbbell curl which is the best? When it comes to answering this question both create the same tension on muscle fibers one advantage incline dumbbell curl has over incline barbell curl is the ability to focus on one side. Preacher curl can be a great alternative for incline barbell curl. It’s a good bicep exercise that pumps the muscle. Incline barbell curl must do exercise in bicep strength training.


Incline Barbell Curl
Incline Barbell Curl


How to do incline barbell curl 

Lie on the incline bench arms hanging downwards hold the barbell with your arms this is the starting posting keep your shoulders tight then slowly curl the barbell and squeeze the muscle as much as you can and come down slowly. We recommend you to perform as many reps as you many for bigger arms.

Standing barbell curl

Standing barbell curl is the best alternative for concentration curl. In barbell curl, you can work on both arms at the same time and equally. The proper positioning of the grip is very important there are two types wide grip standing barbell curl, regular grip standing barbell curl. Wide grip puts tension on the shorter head of biceps and regular grip targets the outer head of biceps.

Standing barbell curl is a great arm workout. It also puts the maximum press on bi’s The main purpose to do standing barbell curls is to strengthen brachialis muscle. Standing barbell curl is must add exercise in your bicep workouts. Most of the men out there do this exercise in the wrong way they move the barbell up and down fastly without putting any pressure and tension on muscle fibers.

How to do Standing Barbell Curl 
How to do Standing Barbell Curl


How to do Standing Barbell Curl 

Stand firmly hold the barbell to the width of your shoulders. Take a wider grip to pressure shorter head of the muscle and to target outer muscle bring your hands little closer. Different positioning hits different parts of the muscle. keep your head straight and chest up then slowly lift the barbell and squeeze the bicep and slowly come down Perform this exercise slowly you should feel the tension in your biceps.
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