3 Key Exercises For Leg Day

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🚨 3 Key Exercises For Leg Day🚨

🚨3 Key Exercises For Leg Day🚨
🚨3 Key Exercises For Leg Day🚨

Consider three exercises per day of the Legs

✅Close Stance Leg Press

Technique of execution Close Stance Leg Press

  • In the exercise, the quadriceps and the gluteus maximus are most effective. That’s why I give the technique with an emphasis on these places.
  • Lie down on the bench. Choose a convenient position. Your body and buttocks should fit snugly against the back of the simulator. There should be no free space between your tailbone and the back of the simulator because this will create a risk of injury.
  • Put your feet in a comfortable, comfortable position. First Denis Borisov recommends that you pick the right position on the “empty” simulator (no load). Try to start from the middle position. The legs are not above and not below, but in the middle with an average setting relative to each other.
✅Close Stance Leg Press
✅Close Stance Leg Press
  • Squeeze the platform upwards – into the starting position. Pay attention to the fact that it is not necessary to completely unbend the leg in the knee joint. This will create a load on the bones and joints that you do not need. Always work “inside amplitudes” for the safety of your joints.
  • Slowly inhale and simultaneously lower the platform downwards. Lower until your waist begins to break away from the back of the platform on which you are lying. Make a micro pause.
  • Release the air outward and simultaneously push the platform upwards, without jolting. Everything should be smooth and calm. At the top point (your knees are not straightened to the end), further strain your quadriceps by a mental effort. After that, repeat the motion again.

Perhaps you will be comfortable if you put your hands on the front of the thigh. On the one hand it helps to focus on the work of your muscles. And on the other hand, in this way you can help yourself squeeze out the weight if the strength is over.

✅Close Stance Leg Press
✅Close Stance Leg Press


✅Wide Stance Smith Squats

Technique of execution Wide Stance Smith Squats

  • First of all, you need to approach the simulator and put the barbell on the right level. The height is chosen so that the athlete does not sink under the barbell and do not have to rise on his toes feet. The step between the levels is 10-15 cm, which is enough to select the required height.
  • Then you need to stand under the neck in such a way that it is located between the neck and the shoulder blades. Grasping the elbows to the top, the bar is taken so that it is slightly below the shoulders. Shoulders should be located as close to each other as possible. In the gym there are special soft padding for the neck. They will be needed at first, until the muscles are accustomed to bar The barbell should be held by the muscles, but not the neck or spine.
✅Wide Stance Smith Squats
✅Wide Stance Smith Squats
  • Simulator Smith allows you to make approaches from either side. You can try any options to determine the most suitable. Most athletes, coming to the outside of the simulator, become back to its interior, although it is possible and vice versa.
  • You should put your feet behind the bar-line. This option is ideal for this exercise. Girls do similar exercises in order to make the muscles of the buttocks elastic. In this case, the lower back should be bent so that the pelvis is beyond the neckline. In this case, it is allowed that there is a natural deflection of the back.
  • Before the beginning of the exercise, the bar must be turned to remove it from special fastenings. Elbows, at the same time, should be keep as high as possible.
  • After that, start squatting. In the process, you should monitor the position of the knees so that they do not go out of the socks.
  • The pelvis should be retracted, and the body tilts slightly forward. Having sat down, you need to rise immediately. Thus it is not necessary to be afraid, that the balance will be lost.
  • Each movement is repeated as many times as recommended by the trainer’s instructions. In the process, it is necessary to control breathing: on inhalation the body descends, and on exhalation returns to its original position.
✅Wide Stance Smith Squats
✅Wide Stance Smith Squats

✅Lunges With Pulses

Technique of execution Lunges With Pulses

Step # 1.

Find the right space for execution. Because the exercise involves walking with weight in your hands, it is necessary to determine in advance your route. Find in the hall a secluded corner with a long straight line. You have to go straight in from point A to point B and back so that no one knocked you down and you did not shoot down anyone.

Step # 2.

Now choose weight of burden, i.e. the weight of the two dumbbells that you take in hand. It should be average so that you can perform about 3 approaches for 8-10 Lunges on each leg.

Step # 3.

Exit to the starting line. Starting position: stand flat (the feet are parallel to each other and slightly wider than the hips), the chest with a “wheel”, a slight deflection in the lower back, knees bent, and a look straight ahead. Take dumbbells in your hands.

Step # 4.

Make a wide step forward, transfer the center of gravity of the body to the forward leg and then sit on it. Keep the body straight and do not tumble around.

Step # 5.

Below (the bottom point of the trajectory) you should see the following picture. The anterior (with which the movement started) the leg is bent at the knee joint at an angle of 90 degrees (the hindbone and buttocks are tense). The knee of the hind leg is in the “hanging” position, i.e. it does not touch the floor.

Step # 6.

Hold your breath and, leaning on the front leg (not on the back leg!), Rise from the squat. With your back leg, slightly spring and just put it to the jogging leg.

Step # 7.

Repeat the attack, but with the other leg.

✅Lunges With Pulses
✅Lunges With Pulses
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