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🚨 Ab Exercises Why You Might Not Be Feeling Them 🔥

Ab Exercises Why You Might Not Be Feeling Them
🔥Ab Exercises Why You Might Not Be Feeling Them🔥

👉 Ever wonder why planks target your abs, well they do through the help of the hip flexors. In a plank position the hip-flexors want to pull the pelvis into anterior tilt in order to prevent that we must activate our abs to stabilize the pelvis either into neutral or slight posterior tilt. This applies to other exercises that work on this principle like hanging leg lifts, dead bugs, leg raises.


👇 If you’re not feeling these exercises you might not be keeping the pelvis in neutral or posterior tilt. You can notice if you’re going into too much anterior tilt because you’ll start to feel it in your low back. To remedy this, focus on rotating the pelvis to the posterior. Think of tilting your pelvic bone towards your chest you should begin to feel your abs engage. For exercises that have your back against something, tilt the pelvis back and push the low back into the ground.

🚨 If you’re still having trouble getting the right muscles to activate from planks or deadbugs, try doing the sphinx roll up. This exercise is great for training your rectus abdominis to work properly. It is done by laying on your stomach with elbows at 90 degrees. Once in that position, proceed to lift yourself off the ground onto your knees with your abs. Do this by tilting the pelvis towards your chest and flex at the hips.

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