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⚠️ Will Make your Squats

💥Squats Legs Score
💥Squats Legs Score


This is a classical plyometric exercise, in the course of which a powerful leap upwards from squat occurs. The so-called explosive load is created, that is, a quick effort is made in a short time interval, which develops the strength of muscles and increases their volume.

💥 What muscles work?


The main load falls on the quadriceps muscle of the thigh or, more simply, the quadriceps. The buttocks are also strengthened. To a lesser degree of jumping, the muscles of the back and the muscles of the lower leg are loaded. In addition, the muscles of the press work, but insignificantly.

💥Jumps Squats Legs Score
💥Jumps Squats Legs Score


The right technique Jumps Squats 

If the jumps from the squat are carried out without burdening:

  1. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, straighten your back. You can cross your arms in front of you at the chest level.
  2. The squatting is done on inspiration. Lower down to the parallel with the floor. You can go down a little lower, the main thing – watch your feelings.
  3. On exhalation it is necessary to make powerful jumping upwards, pushing off with full feet.


  1. Try to jump as high as possible, your hips should be as “sprung” as possible.
  2. After your feet have completely touched the floor, again go to the squat. Repeat jumping out of the squat as much as necessary.
💥Jumps Squats Legs Score
💥Jumps Squats Legs Score
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