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We study the traction of the horizontal block (Seated Cable Row) – we train qualitatively the widest back!

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How to Do Seated Cable Row



In addition to heavy basic exercises on the back, there are a number of shaping exercises that allow the targeting of certain muscle groups. For the development of the widest muscles or wings, the traction of the horizontal block (the other name for this Seated Cable Row) is perfect.

The meaning of exercise and the work of muscles

Seated Cable Row – is one of the mandatory exercises a day when you train your back. Thanks to the variation of grips, you can pump the wide back muscles from all sides. This is very convenient when using the basic exercises you have already increased the mass and want to give the muscles the right shape.

During the exercise work:

  • The widest back muscles – they have the main load.
  • Biceps – help to pull the weight, bending your arms in the elbows.
  • Muscles-extensors of the spine. They are responsible for straightening the back.
  • Additionally included trapezius muscles, large round, diamond-shaped, as well as rear deltas.

If the exercise is not done correctly, the biceps or waist will work, and the wide back part will strain last. Therefore, pay special attention to the technique.


Seated Cable Row



  • Set the desired weight (for men – 10 kg, for women – 5). Now we will do a warm-up with light weights.
  • With our feet we press against special stops, bend them in the knees, find a comfortable position (the angle can be from a small to 90 degrees). The back is held exactly, in the lower back is a natural deflection.
  • Hands stretch forward and grasp the pre-installed handle.
  • We pull the weight on ourselves until the body assumes a perpendicular semi position. From this point, we begin to make repetitions.
  • Straighten your shoulders, pulling your shoulder blades, pull the handle to your stomach. You should feel the strain in the back, not in the biceps.
  • When the handle touches the belt, hold this position for 1 second. In this position, bring together the shoulder blades as possible.
  • Then release the weight back. In classical technology, the body remains motionless. If you perform the exercise by deflecting the body forward after the weight, then do not bend too much and round your back. Even if the weight of the simulator have not completely lowered. During the whole exercise, the deflection in the lower back is retained, and the scapulae remain compressed.

Do 10-12 repetitions in 3-4 approaches with working weight.

How to choose the working weight in Seated Cable Row

How to choose the working weight in Seated Cable Row
How to choose the working weight in Seated Cable Row


To correctly choose the weight with which your back muscles will grow, you need to carefully listen to yourself during the exercise:

  1. Take light weight, do 4-5 repetitions with it. Add 5 kg, do it 1-2 times. Add pancakes to the simulator in this way until you feel the load. If the load is felt, but still easy, go to a step of 2.5 kg.
  2. Now perform 12 repetitions. If you can not – rest 3-4 minutes, so that you can again adequately assess the weight. A small break will not allow your muscles to restore energy reserves, and you misinterpret your sensations.
  3. When you feel that the weight is normal – work. In the following workouts, add 2.5 kg, guided by their feelings. And do not wait for early results, muscles grow slowly – have patience. Your perseverance will be rewarded.


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