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How to Peck-Deck exercises.


How to Peck-Deck


The butterfly (Peck-Deck) simulator – is used for the general development of the muscles of the chest. It consists of a bench divided into two parts: a backrest and a seat and working areas for the hands, which, through a cable-roller system, set in motion a load consisting of a set of rectangular plates. The weight of the load can be varied within wide limits, the maximum weight, as a rule, does not exceed 100 kg. Classes on this simulator are not difficult to perform, since practically no training is required, and trauma is almost impossible to obtain. Perhaps that’s why he is a favorite among beginners who are still afraid to approach the barbell or dumbbells.

Technique of execution




  • Adjust the height of the seat of the Peck-Deck so that when you grab the handles, the upper parts of your hands are aligned with the deltas, and your elbows and forearms are firmly pressed against the soft arm pads.
  • Sit down straight and press your shoulder blades and head to the back of the simulator. The legs should be positioned so that they are on the width of the shoulders and the feet are clearly under the knees, the angle in the knees should be straight.
  • Inhale and, stop breathing, bring the hand cushions in front of the chest. Exhale when when you pass the most difficult part of the movement.
  • As soon as you reduce your elbows very close, stop for a couple of moments and try to strain your chest muscles even more.
  • Slightly relax the muscles of the chest and allow the handles to slowly breed the elbows until they fall down on one line with the deltas or just behind them.
  • Then stop and again bring together your elbows.


When: At the end of training on the muscles of the chest. At the beginning of the workout, workout the press and dilutions with dumbbells, and after that start the Peck-Deck 

How many: 3-4 sets of 10-14 reps.

Sport instruction: The information in the butterfly simulator is added to the “separation” muscles of the chest; isolate their internal edges, clearly dividing the right and left large pectoral muscles in the middle of the torso.

Note: If the machine has levers with a soft pad, do not put your fingers on the back of the pad, this can cause injury if the cable breaks.

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