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Features of  Lying Leg Curls Exercise

How to Lying Leg Curls


Most of the exercises on the hamstrings also involve gluteal muscles and partially quadriceps, so it makes sense to make a total leg training based on the basic exercises and supplemented with the insulating muscles for the biceps muscle. This approach will ensure the correct and uniform development of the hips, without shifting the accent to any part of them.


What you need to know to Lying Leg Curls!

Effective and proper leg training is, ideally, strength training, so it is quite difficult to choose good exercises for the hamstrings at home. Many-repeated sit-ups or attacks without weight will not give such an effect as their variants with a barbell or dumbbells, and isolating exercises are not at all accessible without special simulators.

Before you start to work on the legs and back of the thigh, the muscles need to be warmed up. 10-15 minutes of running or walking on an incline will be prepared for training and will eliminate the risk of stretching

How to Lying Leg Curls

Leg Curls in the lying simulator is one of the isolating exercises that maximally work the biceps femoris muscle. The technique is quite simple, but the result is always impressive:

  • The starting position is on the simulator face down. The legs are fixed with a roller in the ankle joint region;
  • It is important to press the body to the bench and not tear it off while moving – this will avoid injuries;
  • The movements are slow and smooth. The use of the force of inertia will reduce the athlete’s efforts to zero;
  • At the bottom point, the knees do not fully unbend, the legs are always tense.


Qualitative training of the hamstrings includes technically complex exercises, potentially dangerous for beginners. Working out the technique with the trainer will make it possible to extract the maximum effect from the trainings and avoid a long and costly rehabilitation period in case of trauma.


With caution should be approached to perform exercises on the legs in general and the hamstrings in particular people with diseases of the spine, knee or hip joints. Correct technique and competent selection of working weight are the primary tasks before the beginning of serious trainings.

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