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How to Seated Cable Fly



The main muscles: are the large chest

Weight and number of repetitions for beginners

For men: 10 – 15 repetitions of 20 – 25 kg. 2 – 3 approaches.
For women: 10 – 15 repetitions of 10 – 15 kg. 2 – 3 approaches.
Load by muscle groups

Description of the exercise Seated Cable Fly

It is desirable to reduce hands to the end. When you scope your arms out to the sides, you can lean forward a little bit to pump your chest better.

Features Seated Cable Fly

Features Seated Cable Fly
Features Seated Cable Fly

1. The shoulders should be squeezed into the back of the simulator, and the shoulder blades are brought together. Do not tear off your shoulders and shoulder blades from the back. This removes the load from the chest.


2. Elbows should look to the sides, not down. And, when you take your hands, it is advisable to straighten your elbows to cut your breasts more. And at the same time, as if you are starting from the handles back. And when you breed hands, be sure to bend your arms slightly at the elbows. In general, as well as when push up with dumbbells lying.

3. Set the height of the seat so that the grip is approximately at the mid-chest level. You can move up and down by 10 cm, but not more. Then you will have more work on the lower or upper chest, respectively.


4. Do not raise your hands too much. Optimum, this is when the brushes reach the plane of the chest, or remain slightly ahead. So the chest stretches enough. If you remove the brush further (beyond the plane of the chest), then this will cause excessive stretching of the pectoral muscles.

5. This exercise is not basic. Therefore, it is perfect for the development of pectoral muscles after 1 – 2 basic exercises.

6. Do not chase the big weight. If you can not make at least 8 pure repetitions, then reduce the weight.

The complexity of the implementation: is easy

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