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45 Degree Back Extension



All you wanted to know about Back Extension – Different options!

The most common exercise for the development of the musculature of the back is hyperextension. The variety of options and versatility of the exercise allows you to strengthen not only the lower back, but also the muscle that straightens the spine, buttocks and the back of the thigh, so we placed this exercise on our website in two sections, Back exercises & Legs exercises.

Benefits of Exercise Back Extension (hyperextensions)

In addition to the obvious use of exercise to work out the muscles of the posterior surface of the body, back extension will be useful in the following situations:

  1. When you have a low backache. In this case, it is recommended to do without weight in combination with training the muscles of the abdominal press.
  2. As a point warm-up just before heavy exercises on the back, for example, deadlift.
  3. Also, the exercise can be used to prepare the back muscles for heavier loads in beginners. The best option is a month of training in the back extension simulator. Then you can proceed with the deadlift.

The main load in this exercise is assumed use by the unbend of the back (long muscles running along the spine), large gluteal muscles, and also hamstrings. Below we will consider the main types of back extension, variations for home and gym.

We do back extension in the gym.


The gym is good because it has special equipment that allows you to work out muscles as efficiently and safely as possible. The correct technique for performing hyperextension is the guarantee of your back health.

Today each gym is equipped with special simulators for back extension. And this is very good. In them you can rock not only the back, but also the lateral muscles of the abdomen and even the press.


back extension in the gym.


If for some reason in the hall there is no such simulator, you can use the Roman chair. The foot rest moves and it can be adjusted by its self.


back extension in the gym.


Technique for performing exercises on the back extension simulator:

  • Adjust the simulator so that your pelvis snugly lies on its cushion. The edge of the pillow is where your body is bent.
  • The back part of the feet rest against the rollers. It is necessary to lie down so that the rollers rest against the Achilles tendon, and not in the calf muscle – the girls can earn bruises in these places.
  • Cross the arms behind your head or on your chest.
  • The hull is absolutely straight line. Do not over-bend your back and jerks.

Once again we pay attention that it is necessary to adjust the simulator so that the pelvis rest on the pillow. In the air should hang everything that starts from your lower back and up. If the pillow falls on your hips, and even worse, if on your knees – you lay down wrong.

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