The fulfillment of deadlift, its differences from the Romanian and from the classical deadlift, sumo deadlift!

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How to deadlift

There are many types of traction weight from the floor – deadlift, Romanian traction, lift traction on straight legs and several others. In the clasic deadlift, we make a tightly connected chain of straightening the body and squats. In deadlift everything is different.

When you can do the exercise.

Unlike the classical deadlift , deadlift (on straight legs) is ideal for girls and beginners. It can be included in the training program immediately, as the practitioner can stretch the muscles of the waist and the back of the legs to the desired degree.

classical deadlift
classical deadlift

While there is no stretching, you can not do the exercise. Otherwise, you will round off your lower back, which you do not need to. And you can not lower the weight to the desired height. Stretching in most exercises is the basis of the right technique.

If your back hurts, a deadlift on your straight legs can hurt you. When this happens, separately pump the back, the press and the leg flexors in the simulators. When you strengthen them sufficiently, you can switch to free weights. Then already on the classics deadlift.

Work of muscles.

Execution of deadlift or deadlift on straight legs includes several muscular groups at once. The muscles of the back and back of the thighs receive the greatest load. Quadriceps here, in contrast to the classical version of the hospital, are not involved, since the legs are always straight.

Main working muscles:

How to Correctly Deadlift
How to Correctly Deadlift
  • Extensors of the back.
  • hamstrings legs.
  • Large gluteal muscles.



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