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Why crouch without weight?

Air squats – so in the crossfit are called classic squats without weight. This exercise is used for training endurance, fat burning and strengthening the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Squats without barbells, dumbbells and any other weights are suitable for athletes of any level and can be performed both in the hall and at home.

Correct setting of legs and body.

buttocks exercises



During the exercise of squats it is important to control a few key points:

  • During the entire exercise, the feet should be firmly pressed against the floor. No need to get up on socks. This will allow you to correctly distribute the body weight and thereby improve your balance.
  • In knee-bends, the knees move strictly in the plane of the feet. That is, if the feet at you stand in parallel, the knees are directed strictly forward throughout the movement. If you put your socks apart, your knees also diverge.
  • The spine is fixed in one position. The look is directed forward, not down, the back is straight with a natural deflection in the lower back. This position does not change until the exercise is completed. Rounding the back and waist is not allowed. In squats without a bar, it’s much easier to work than with a barbell.
  • Hands – the most important component of your balance. You can either plant them in the sides or keep them in front of you.



In addition to the obvious benefits of lower-body muscle exercises, squats help to develop knee and hip joints, develop balance, identify problems of disproportionate development of the right and left halves of the body.

Performing air squats – the back is straight, hands are stretched forward for balance.

buttocks exercises



Regular performance of sit-ups without weight gives the following results:

  1. Muscles of the legs and buttocks come in tone: quadriceps, hamstrings, and large gluteus muscles.
  2. The joint-ligamentous apparatus is strengthened, flexibility is improved. This, in turn, serves as the prevention of injury when performing more severe types of squats.
  3. The cardiovascular system is being trained. Typically, the exercise is performed at a pace slightly above average.
  4. As a result – increases endurance. Improves coordination of movements and balance. At the first stage, you can use your hands to increase stability. Then it will be already unnecessary.
  5. You practice the technique of basic movement, in particular, the correct position of the knees and lower back, with minimal risk to yourself. When performing exercises with weights, mistakes in the technique are fraught with serious injuries.

The undoubted advantage is also that you can perform the exercise wherever and whenever you want – both in the hall and at home. The main thing is not to forget about the importance of warming up.

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