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Double twisting – we train the complex

abdominal exercises



Today we will consider in the article how to train the abdominal muscles by accentuating attention to the work of all his muscles!

Double twists are used to develop abdominal muscles and have one important advantage in comparison with classical twists. The exercise harmoniously distributes the load across all areas of the rectus abdominis muscle, including its lower part. That is, such twists are unique in that they allow you to work through the entire abdominal simultaneously.

Technique of execution Double twisting

The technique combines the twisting of the body with the simultaneous lifting of the pelvis.


Technique of execution Double twisting
Technique of execution Double twisting



In order to train the press with double twists was the most useful and effective, take into account the following tips:

  • Like other exercises on the press, these twists are best done at the end of the workout. If you have a comprehensive training for the abdominal muscles, do the exercise before work on the oblique muscles.
  • Do not completely return to the starting position and drop the shoulder blades on the floor. Increasing the amplitude will simplify the exercise, but will reduce its effectiveness, since at the bottom point the press will relax.
  • During the exercise, do not press your chin to your chest. The distance between these parts of the body should be no less than your fist. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to overstrain of the neck muscles. If you feel a strong tension in the neck, try to relax the shoulder girdle. To do this, you can interrupt and make a short workout (head turns, head and shoulders).
  • Twist the body until you feel that the abdominal is as short as possible. In order to experience the amplitude of movement, try gently touching the knees with your forehead.
  • Avoid sudden movements. Perform the exercise smoothly, giving the phase of tension and relaxation the same time and attention. A good result will be given only by concentrated and slow rise and let down of the body and pelvis.
  • Complete the exercise with a complex stretch. This will make your muscles more elastic and reduce the content of lactic acid, which will lead to a reduction in pain on the day after the training.


Exercises for the press will be effective only in the case of regular and correct execution, as well as with a balanced diet.

Inclusion of double twists in the training program will help you quickly reach a tight and embossed abdomen.

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