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Exercises  in the open air!

Exercises  in the open air

As you know, fresh air is a very useful thing for human health, and fitness in the open air has double utility. This has been proved to date by specialists involved in the study of problems in the field of sport and health.

Which set of exercises is most suitable for performing in the open air? We will share this information with you today.

Choosing a workout

Exercise in the open air is much quicker to get an excellent figure.


There is an opinion that most training methods do not provide the required result for 2 main reasons. A person either starts to get bored of monotonous movements, or simply is not able to withstand excessive physical exertion.

Exercises in the open air have a considerable privilege:

  1. oxygen provides the body with additional energy, and it functions in the process of burning fat as a kind of catalyst.
  2. In addition, fitness in the air helps to relieve stress, as well as enjoying great weather.
  3. In the end, you will meet the long-awaited summer with pleasure, having destroyed, by all its excellent forms.
  4. And it is ideal for walking moms with children, losing weight after birth сhildren, visit to in fitness clubs can be postponed and start from the nearest park.

Recommendations for outdoor fitness

First of all, try to practice in the fresh air at least 5 times a week (on average – half an hour).
Also, if you have fitness in the heat, then practice early in the morning when it’s cool.
Do not forget to stock up on the form (sports suit, comfortable shoes, socks, sports bodice and a pair of tops).
For cold weather, provide a hat, gloves, as well as a warm waistcoat to throw it on top of a sports suit.
In advance, come up with what training to replace fitness in the air, if the rain suddenly starts and the weather completely deteriorates.

Training number 1
This physical exercise is aimed directly at strengthening your muscles and “eliminating” the problem areas of the body. First of all, find a park in which there are ordinary treadmills and benches. So you can start your fitness on vacation, doing simple workouts.

Initially, we do warm-up, the essence of which is active walking for about 5 minutes. It is important to take a long breath in 2-3 steps, and a similar exhalation.


This training consists of three so-called circles.

Circle 1


The initial position – the legs are placed on the width of the shoulders, and in front of the chest we stretch out our arms.
We perform squats in such a way that the hips take a position parallel to the surface of the earth, and hands (straight) we lower in front of ourselves, finally we exhale.
Then we rise, unbending with the power load of the foot, raise the hands upwards to the head (straight).
During sit-ups, be sure to keep track of your posture. On average, it is recommended to do about 20 sit-ups.
Further to the maximum, stay at the (lower) squat, then make 40 leisurely uplifts in front of your hands, trying to move the scapula in parallel to the spine.
We finish the circle with a 5-minute slow jog or accelerated walking

Circle 2

Here you need to find an unpainted (clean) bench. Then we make an emphasis on her seat. At this point, the legs should be on their toes, the buttocks are tight, the back is straight, and the whole body is like a bar (straight).
The palms are located on the width of the shoulders. We proceed to slow push-ups from the bench (about 20 times), completely concentrating on the pectoral muscles.
After that, we freeze at the point (upper) and in turn bring the knee to the chest. During the exercise, try not to bulge up the pelvic area. This way you work out the muscles of the press.
Do about 20 carts of each knee, after which you should organize a run for a couple of minutes.

Circle 3

The starting position is similar to Circle 1. Let’s start squats, and at the moment of staying at the (bottom) point of the squat we jump upwards.
Do this exercise about 15-30 times, taking into account your physical abilities.
Then we sit down on the bench, leaning on the seat with the palms, begin to move the pelvis down and perform push-ups on the triceps (approximately 15-30 times).
Then we take the starting position of Circle 2. We begin to transfer the total weight of the body to the leg and arm (right).
Then we turn to the side, make an arm (right) the emphasis on the bench seat and move the left leg sideways (about 10-20 times), strengthening the tension on the muscles of the thighs. Then we repeat the lateral stop, as well as the swings from the opposite side.
We finish the training with jogging for 5 minutes and a slight stretching of the muscles of the body.


Training number 2

This training is aimed at directly burning calories. To do this, choose for yourself a rhythm of running or walking, which you can maintain for half an hour.
Of course, port de bras for weight loss will be out of place on the street, so postpone classical dances for the winter period.
For warm-up, you need to slowly walk a couple of minutes, then do 10 squats, body slopes and light attacks of each leg.
Next, run a run (about 20 minutes), while trying to maintain a uniform pace of running.
At the end of the run, do so-called squats-jumps (20 times) from training number 1, then take emphasis with the palms of the curb, and at an accelerated pace, in turn, bring your knees to your chest, making the maximum possible number of such movements.
After this, get up, pull up the main muscles of the body and at the end perform a couple of deep exhalations and breaths.

Fitness in the fresh air will give you real pleasure and excellent physical shape. Start training now, and the result will surely amaze you!

Do it outdoors, it invigorates and Chill your body!

Approved for repetition!


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