The 5 Best Back Muscle Workouts for Women

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The 5 Best Back Workouts for Women 

Training back muscles for women is no less important than the buttocks and abs. A strong and relief back is a guarantee of the health of your musculoskeletal system. It will help get rid of muscle pain, improve posture and visually reduce the width of the waist by adjusting the proportions.

Best Back Muscle Workouts
The 5 Best Back Workouts

What exercises will be the most effective, and what training program can be used, we will find out further.

An Example Training Programs

Back workout in the gym for a girl can be a separate day of the program or part of a full-body workout. It all depends on your level of fitness and the ability to “feel” this muscle group.

For Beginners

If you started exercising very recently (less than half a year), it is better to work out your back muscles along with everyone’s else muscles, as part of a full-body workout at a time.

Your task is to learn the correct technique so that the load is distributed precisely on the back, and not on the biceps, which helps the movement.

The back muscles work in all pulling exercises. Pull exercises are where you pull the weight towards you, or you yourself reach towards the weight (for example, in pull-ups).
For beginners, 2-3 exercises in the general workout will be enough.

The Number of Approaches and Reps for the Back Muscle

The upper body is less developed in women than in men. It is more difficult for them to progress with weight and gain muscle mass. And the production of testosterone – the main hormone that allows you to lift more weights and work “to failure”, is also lowered.
Given these characteristics, you should start with a small weight, gradually increasing it from workout to workout.

Muscular endurance in girls is higher than strength. Therefore, to work out the back better, you need to increase the number of repetitions to 12-20 in 2-4 approaches, depending on the level of training.

If you can’t progress with weight, you can add additional approaches or supersets (2 exercises are performed one after the other, without rest).

The Best Back Workouts for Women

The best back exercises for girls in the gym are basic exercises.
During their implementation, several muscle groups are involved in the work at once, such as the lats, rhomboid, trapezium, large and small round, and other back muscles.
That is, by performing regular pull-ups, you are pumping almost the entire muscle mass of the back.
Strong arms will be a bonus, so you should not tire yourself with separate exercises for the biceps. They will do a great job in all pull movements.

List of the best back exercises:

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Barbell Row (or dumbbell) Row
  3. Lat Pulldown
  4. Low Row
  5. Pullover

Experiment with a Grip

For example, on one workout, you can perform pull-ups with a straight wide grip, in which the upper latissimus dorsi is mainly involved, and on the second workout, with a parallel narrow grip, where the “lower” back works well and the biceps are actively engaged.
Thus, you pay attention to all muscle bundles, and the back looks even better later.

1) Lat Pull-down

How to Do Lat-pulldown
How to Do Lat-pulldown

Sets / Reps:
3 sets of 15-20 reps

How to Do:

  • Set the weight on the block machine.
  • Sit down take a bar, look up.
  • Pull the bar strictly vertically towards the chest, elbows apart to the side.

2) Seated Low Row 

How to Do Seated Low Row


Sets / Reps:
3 sets of 15-20 reps

How to Do:

  • Sit in a block trainer, with a lower handle attachment (or take resistance bands).
  • Lean forward, grab the handle, feel the stretch of the wide back muscle.
  • Pull the handle towards your waist by bringing your shoulder blades together.
  • Return the handle to its original position, stretching your back muscles as much as possible, bending in front.

3) Dumbbell Row

How to Do Dumbbell Row

Sets / Reps:
3 sets of 15-20 reps

How to Do:

  • You will need one or two 5 kg dumbbells depending on the exercise option.
  • Take dumbbells in both hands and tilt forward 45 degrees.
  • Hands are down and palms out to the body.
  • Bring your elbows back, thereby pulling the dumbbells towards your hips.
  • Feel the connection between your shoulder blades and the contraction of your back muscles.
  • Lower your arms to the starting position down.
  • Do the required number of repetitions.

4) Pull-ups

How to Do Pull ups

Sets / Reps:
3 sets of 15-20 reps

How to Do:

  • You will need a horizontal bar.
  • Hang your arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the horizontal bar.
  • Take a Grip straight, pull up to chest level.
  • Feel the contraction of your shoulder blades and back muscles.
  • Return to starting position.

5) Hyperextension

How to Do Hyperextension

Sets / Reps:
3-4 sets of 20-25 reps

How to Do:

  • You need a hyperextension bench to complete the exercise
  • Place your feet under the bolsters and rest your hips against the bench cushion
  • Hands behind your head, lower yourself down keeping your back straight and tense.
  • You can also use a weight plate to complicate the exercise and increase the load on the lower back.
  • Climb to the starting position up

For Middle-Level Training

If you have been training for more than a few months, and you want to pay more attention to your back muscles, you can set aside a separate day for them. That is, your choice is a training split 3 times a week.

* 3 x 12-15 means 3 sets of 12-15 reps.


A strong and healthy back is a guarantee not only of beauty and health but also of your progress in pumping leg muscles.
The fact is that the bottom is better developed in women in comparison with the top. Women’s legs are stronger and larger. During barbell squats, for example, the back is just as important. If your back is weak, then you simply will not squat with the right weight.
In addition, a pumped back will improve posture, relieve muscle pain, and visually improve body proportions.

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