How to Do Barbell Bent-Over Row | Tips & Guide

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How to Barbell Bent-Over Row

The best exercise for the back is the barbell bent-over row. It is effective always and everywhere, it is done quite simply and perfectly pump the entire back. Like the bench press it can be called the base.

Barbell Rows Variation
Variation the doing exercises for the back


What muscles work when you do Barbell Bent-Over Row:

Our back consists of the following muscles:

  1. The widest (or wings) is the same section between the elbow and the body, which bodybuilders love to brag about. It is because of the hypertrophy of these muscles that your back will look wider and stronger.
  2. The rhomboid muscles are located just below the shoulder blades on the sides of the spine. Provides relief of the back along with other small muscles.
  3. The large round muscles are just below the shoulder, on the upper edge of the shoulder blades. They appear as an irregular circle on the back of the athlete.
  4. The trapezius muscles cover the central part of the back from the chest to the cervical region.
  5. The muscle what unbend the spine. And biceps (if you want to pump it up, then use the barbell curl on biceps).

So, all these muscles work simultaneously in one exercise. Inclined barbell pull is a basic back exercise. Another name is the Incline Barbell Bench Pull. Although you can pull to the chest. The pull must be performed by anyone who wants to build muscle, this is a powerful effective exercise, as well as bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Exercise Barbell Row Variation:

  • Incline Bench Pull.
  • Barbell incline row to chest .
  • Reverse barbell row.
  • T-bar Row.

Incline Barbell bent-over row

Before doing the exercise, put a bar with a warm-up weight on the racks at a level just above the knees.


  • Stand in front of the barbell. Take it with a wide grip (wider than the shoulders) and remove from the racks. Grip – straight (fingers to yourself, fists out). The brush does not bend, but holds hard. The elbows are apart. The lower back has a natural deflection, the back is straight, the legs are slightly bent at the knees.
  • We tilt the body forward, try to reach a position close to the parallel with the floor. The balance is held due to the fact that during the tilt you bend your knees, pulling the pelvis back.
  • Now we pull the barbell to the belt (to the bottom), bringing the shoulder blades together as much as possible. The thrust of the bar is carried out by the muscles of the back, not the arms.
  • Hold at the top for 1 second and slowly lower the barbell back, spreading the shoulder blades to the sides. We try not to change the position of the back.

We perform 15 warm-up repetitions. Then we do 8-10 repetitions in 3-4 approaches with working weights.

When pulling the barbell to the belt, the bar with weight should up come first. Compliance with the rules of the exercise is the prevention of injuries and the ensured progression of muscles.

Reverse Grip Barbell Row 

Barbell row with a reverse grip allows you to work out the thickness of the back in more detail

Reverse Grip Barbell Row 


  1. We become exactly the same as in the previous case, only the grip of the bar will be different – the reverse. So you can increase the amplitude of barbell row, pumping the back huge more.
  2. We do 8-10 repetitions in 3-4 repetitions.

Watch the brushes; they should not be bent. This is dangerous because your hands may be injured (wrists will begin to hurt from such an implementation). Then you will not be able to do push-ups and bench press or shoulder press.

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