🔥how to barbell rows | guide


🔥 how to barbell rows

✳ Best torso angle?

  • Max 15 degrees

✳ Why do I feel it in my biceps?

  • Because you’re not guiding through your elbows

✳ Proper bar path?

  • Vertical line from mid foot

✳ Grip width?

  • Medium grip. Narrower then bench, wider then deadlifts. This will also be effected by your specific build

✳ Can I open my hips at all?

  • Yes to get it off the ground and then when you start to get fatigued a max of 15 degrees is acceptable. Don’t be a perfectionist, you’ll never go heavy enough if you keep your back as stationary as possible

✳ I feel it in my lower back, is that normal?

  • Yes, the position of the movement gets your lower back to activate, this is normal

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