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🔥 Dumbbell Bench Press – Step By Step


If you’re looking to build up your chest muscles, also known as your pectoral muscles, then bench pressing is probably the first exercise that springs to mind. Many people tend to favour the barbell bench press however, mainly because it allows them a chance to try to show off and lift some heavy weight. Rather than lifting purely for ego, people should instead lift for functionality and practicality, which is why the dumbbell bench press is such an effective exercise for working your chest muscles.

Bench Press Lower Pec
Bench Press Lower Pec

The dumbbell bench press can be performed either flat, on an incline, or even on a decline for that matter, and it is one of the most effective chest exercises there is. Here is a step by step guide on how to perform this fantastic exercise.

–        Begin by picking up a set of manageable dumbbells, that still test you ever so slightly. Pick them up with a neutral grip which involves your palms facing inwards. Sit down on a flat bench and set the ends of the dumbbells comfortably on each of your thighs.


–        When you’re happy with the position of the dumbbells, slowly rock your body backwards, pushing the dumbbells with your thighs, making sure not to bend the elbows too much.

–        Lay back holding the dumbbells straight in the air above your chest, and when you’re happy your grip is perfect, begin to slowly lower the dumbbells downwards until your elbows form AT LEAST a 90 degree angle. The handle of each dumbbell should be around about level with your chest.

–        Hold for a second, squeezing the pec muscle as you do so, and proceed to slowly push the dumbbells back up into the air, not quite fully locking your elbows out.

–        Repeat for the necessary amount of reps required.

Bench Press Upper Chest
Bench Press Upper Chest

🔥 Things to remember


  • Always make sure you breathe when you’re supposed to, which in this case, is a deep breath just before starting the lift, and then exhaling as you lower the dumbbells down to chest level.
  • Never lock your elbows out fully, as this can cause joint problems.
  • Try not to drop the dumbbells if you can help it, as this could be dangerous for you and other people, as well as not being too good for the dumbbells either.
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