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Performing reverse twists – emphasis on the bottom of the press

🚨Ab V-Ups Proper Form
🚨Ab V-Ups Proper Form

Back twisting is one of the most effective exercises for working out the bottom of the press. The technique of performing such twists is quite simple and is quite accessible even for beginners. However, to achieve the maximum effect of training, you need to know a few secrets.



Effectiveness of exercise

Back crunches have the greatest effect on the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle. However, since all the abdominal muscles always work together (you can not isolate them), doing this exercise, you immediately train the entire press. And this makes this exercise very, very effective.

During the reverse twisting, the following muscles will be involved:

Performing reverse twists
Performing reverse twists



  • The main work is done: straight (especially the lower part) and oblique abdominal muscles.
  • Additionally included: lumbar muscle, quadriceps, back muscles.

Regular execution of reverse twisting gives the following advantages:

  • Active development of the musculature of the press. The abdomen quickly tightens, becomes more flat. With active work and a thin fat layer appears relief (the same cubes).
  • Minimum load on the lower back. When performing normal twisting, the load on the waist is much greater.
  • Correction of posture when properly executed.

Watch your lower back – it should not bend.


  1. One more advise: the pelvis must be twisted exclusively in the vertical plane. Be sure to follow the breath.
  2. Exhaling is done for effort, breath in for relaxation.
  3. Training on the terrain, do not less than 3-4 approaches, and repetitions in each approach – 15-20 sets
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