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The Barbell Hip-Thrust exercises

One of the most popular exercises for shaping beautiful and strong buttocks is the Barbell Hip-Thrust. This exercise, which is also known as the gluteal bridge, usually becomes part of complexes designed to work out the lower body.

The Barbell Hip-Thrust

Among its advantages are the following:


Barbell Hip-Thrust exercises
Barbell Hip-Thrust exercises


  • The lifting of the pelvis perfectly loads the gluteus maximus, further working out the hamstrings (muscles of the posterior surface).
  • To perform the exercise you will need a barbell or pancakes and benches.
  • Raising the pelvis from the prone position is one of the safest exercises for working the buttocks. It can be safely performed by people who do not have significant physical training, as well as adolescents, children and even pregnant women. In the latter case, the intensity of the load should be reduced by reducing the number of repetitions. It is also recommended that you carefully monitor your condition, and if you experience any discomfort, stop the exercises immediately.

It should be noted that the gluteal bridge (the barbell hip-thrust) refers to the insulating exercises. For this reason, it is advisable to perform it in a complex training of the lower body or combine it with aerobic exercise (if your goal is fat burning).

Technique of execution Barbell Hip-Thrust


Technique of execution Barbell Hip-Thrust


  1. In order to perform the exercise of lifting the pelvis lying, take the following position: lie on the bench with a part of the back, take a barbell or dumbbell;
  2. Legs bend in the knees and pull as close as possible to the buttock area;
  3. Keep your feet and knees on the width of your hips;
  4. Densely press the shoulders and the body to the surface of the bench;
  5. Slightly lift the socks, placing emphasis on the heels.
  6. Raise the pelvis together with the barbell to the parallele with the floor

Do 4 sets of 10-12 reps, rest between sets is 1 minute!


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