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Tilts with a barbell in the hands (RACK PULLS)- for the back of the thigh, in simple terms this exercise is for the buttocks.

After all, it is very important how you look from behind, and the muscles of this area play an important role in the overall picture of the structure of your body. Exercise is also not the most difficult, pick up the barbell and begin to bend down with it, but do the exercise so that you feel the tension in the back of the thigh, or otherwise in the biceps thigh.


Execution the exercise RACK PULLS

  1. Place your feet about the width of your shoulders. It is necessary to raise the bar with both hands with a straight grip and keep it straight with your hands down. Straighten your back.
  2. Starting position: the body is straightened, the back is slightly bent in the lower part, the chest is straightened, the shoulders slightly back, the muscles of the waist in tension.
  3. Inhale and gently bend, pulling the pelvis back. Slope should occur only at the expense of the hip joint, but not the back! At the same time, we lower the bar with our straight hands.
  4. The slope occurs until the back becomes approximately parallel to the floor. Take a short pause and smoothly return the body to its original position by straightening in the hip joint
  5. Exhale after passing through the most severe point of recovery.


When doing the exercise, keep your back in constant tension and keep a slight deflection in the lower back. While tilting, bend your legs slightly at the knees, this will help you keep your back straight.

Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions, rest no more than 1 minute between approaches

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