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✅ One of the most common questions i go through is What are the Best Lower Ab Exercises? Lower abs directs to the part under the navel, this particular part of the body is perhaps the most difficult part to develop and this is because of the presence of abdominal fat layer above the abs.



You need to burn the fat first otherwise your abs would just hide beneath the layer of fat. So after burning your fats you can follow the best lower ab exercises that has suggested below:



It is one of the best lower ab exercises as Reverse Crunches are used to target the lower abs as opposed to regular crunches which work more on the upper ab area.

✅ How to prepare for the Reverse Crunches: It is similar to a regular crunch, your hand will be behind your head, your shoulders will be off the floor but this time your knees should be in air.
Start the movement with your feet and knees.
Pull your knees as close as you can and hold this position for a while then go back & forth.



The main objective of Reverse Crunches is to be able to rotate your pelvis and to keep your belly button drawn in.

✅ How to perform Reverse Crunches?

»» Lie on your back with your legs clasped round the stability ball

»» Keeping back on the ground, bring your knees upto your chest.

»» Return on the starting position and repeat.

✅ Performance Tips:

–  A good Reverse Crunch will be of small movements.

– Each crunch needs to be squeeze and not a rocking movement.

– Don’t let your upper body move too much.

Hold your head and shoulders really still and just let your knees travel in & out.



Hanging Knee Raises is a very good lower ab exercise for starters as it is convenient to perform but you need to have patience to get best results out of it. You need to be regularly performing this exercises as it is quite tiresome so it would be better if you start with smaller sets. Make sure you perform it in a right manner so as to get maximum benefit out of it. The difficult part might be keeping yourself suspended from the rod, it will give strength to your upper body. Doing around 10-15 reps would be good.

✅ How to perform Hanging Knee Raises?

»» Hang from a bar above bending your legs and shoulders width apart.

»» Raise your knees upto chest whist pointing your toes upwards.

»» Return to the start position and repeat.

Leg Raise workout
Leg Raise workout


✅ Performance Tips:

– Perform Hanging Knee Raises as slow as you can.

– After raising your legs, pause for a moment it will regain control of your movement.

– Exhale while lifting your legs.

– Do NOT perform pull ups as it will have adverse effect on your lower abs.

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