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Errors when doing squats with a bar are fraught with health problems. Injuries to squats with a bar can be as follows:

Improve Your Squat Form



  • knee injuries
  • spine trauma
  • injuries of the cervical spine with wrong position of the bar on the trapezium

How to Improve Your Squat Form

Improve Your Squat Form


Therefore, we will consider the technique of squats with a fitness bar behind our backs and thus we will improve the technique of squats in general

Improve Your Squat Form with a barbell

In order to learn how to do the right squats form, we will use the fitness bar, and below we will describe the squatting technique (and see video above)

Improve Your Squat Form with a barbell
Improve Your Squat Form with a barbell


  • Heels put at a distance slightly wider than the shoulders, the socks turn out about 35 degrees;
  • The Barbell should be placed on the shoulders, with hands holding it from behind at a distance wider than the shoulders, pulling the elbows back;
    blades to reduce;
  • Sit down, bending the body in the pelvic and knee joints, spin forward;
  • The back should be kept straight, avoiding rounding the top of the back;
  • Weight of the body to be transferred to the heels;
  • Strain the press (to support the back);
  • The lower back is not rounded, supporting a small natural deflection in the lumbar region (this allows you to reduce the burden on the back and transfer it to the gluteal muscles and quadriceps);
  • The knees and thighs should not be led forward by the feet, but spread apart;
  • The head does not bully up, it can lead to stretching, you need to look forward, keeping
  • The neck on one straight with the spine;
  • To reach upward when lifting you need a breast, not a forehead;
  • When lifting the knees, you must don’t bring inside;
  • At the top breathe in, hold your breath (this helps keep the abdominal pressed);
    after ascent to do exhalation.
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