🔥Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle

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🚨 Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle

✅ When bulking, if you want to gain muscle with minimal fat gain, a 300 calorie surplus is all you need and you should aim to gain no more than 2-3 pounds per month. Since you can lose fat faster than you can gain muscle, when cutting, you should be at around a 500 calorie deficit and you can lose 1-2 pounds per week.

✅ I recommend cardio during either phase and that simply gets factored into your overall calorie requirement.


Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle
Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle


✅ As far as training, I always tell people that what worked to build muscle when bulking is what you should do to maintain it while cutting. Your routine should not drastically change when you begin cutting. Light weight with high reps doesn’t get you leaner. Eating in a caloric deficit does. If anything, doing light weights will be detrimental since you’re not providing your body with a reason to hold onto muscle.

🚨 This small shift in mindset can have a big impact on your gains.

Muscle & Exercises
Muscle & Exercises


✅ I remember when I first started working out, “training programming” meant chest day, back day, leg day etc. On those days I would do random exercises that would match the day I was on. But here is the problem… I was hitting the same muscle groups in similar ways with the similar exercises.

✅ Instead, I should have been thinking about muscle groups (i.e. latissimus dorsi, rhombios minor and major, trapezius, and the spinal erectors) and which exercises train each of them best.

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