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✅ I think there’s few things better than the skin tearing pump of a great chest workout! However, when people are new to the gym, and have a lackluster chest build, they tend to lack an understanding of how the chest anatomy actually breaks down! And break it down I will, so you can break it down then build it up!



✅ You need to understand that the chest works as an adductor of the upper arm and as such is actually inserted through the upper arm and NOT the shoulder. And one more thing, well two things: there are TWO heads of the pec major that originated in the clavicular aspect (collar bone or upper chest) and the sternal head (the bigger of the two). Your chest works on a diagonal fashion and as such envision that as you change the angle of the upper arm to chest, the length, fiber count, and accessory muscles change to accommodate


Bench Press | Bar Position
Bench Press | Bar Position


✅ Top: So if you look at this photo: on the incline in order to target the chest in its proper sequence the position has to change slightly to accommodate. This is due to its shape and fiber direction. This is imperative to understand to keep you safe and effective

✅ The middle photo: is more straight forward as only horizontal adduction if the arm is necessary, the middle of the chest is recruited

✅ Bottom: Now, that isn’t to say that doing decline isn’t appropriate for people, it just literally shuts off the upper pec when recruiting for decline. As the anatomy is broken down there is very little upper chest fiber recruitment in a decline press, but it is easier for people to decline due to several reasons: recruitment of the powerful and smaller pec minor, the smaller range of motion required to complete a rep, and a mechanical advantage (read: potential for injury) of the rotator cuff

🚨 Pullovers are one of the most underrated exercises.


Chest Fast Exercises
Chest Fast Exercises


🚨 The most common mistakes are:

  • ❌Not keeping the core tight and locking the spine in
  • ❌Keeping an overly straight-arm position. There should be a focus on maintaining slight natural bend throughout
  • ❌Allowing too much elbow bend and turning the movement into a triceps exercise
  • ❌Failing to create a strong muscle mind connection with the lats and mindlessly going through the movement
  • ❌Using excessive momentum
  • ❌Overstretching in the overhead position and using excessive range of motion. Pullovers are often considered a semi high-risk exercise for those with shoulder issues. This is mainly because most lifters use too much range of motion and overstretch in the bottom position
  • ❌Allowing the shoulders to over-elevate in the stretched position. Concentrate on keeping the shoulders moderately depressed and retracted, even in the stretched position. This is critical for avoiding excessive range of motion that can lead to joint stress and shoulder injuries
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