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🚨 How to Different Grip Lat Pull-Down

✅It’s a popular belief that the wide grip lat pull-down is the superior exercise for activating the lats compared to a medium or narrow grip lat pulldown

How to Lat Pulldown Grip
How to Lat Pulldown Grip


✅ Two trials of 5 reps were analyzed for the following grips; wide grip-overhand, wide grip-underhand, narrow grip -overhand and narrow grip-underhand Researchers placed EMG electrodes parallel to the muscle fibers on the latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii and the middle trapezius

✅ The results showed that both wide and narrow overhand grips had greater muscular activity of the latissimus dorsi than either of the underhand grips. Results also showed that there was no significant difference in muscular activity between wide or narrow overhand grips and there was no difference in the biceps brachii or the middle trapezius between any of the grip variations


Back exercises
Back exercises

✅ So if you looking for maximal lat activation, choose the overhand grip, whereas an underhand grip will activate more biceps


✅ The real focus should be on these three important aspects which will make the biggest difference in your physique and they are your diet, weight progression, and sleep

If you are good with these 3 points, then you are welcome to worry about little things like how many reps, which grip, and so forth.

Lat Pulldown Grip
Lat Pulldown Grip


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