The Best Triceps Workouts For Man, Benefits, Types

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The Best Triceps Workouts For Man

Consider the best triceps workouts for man, how to train, types of triceps exercises, and their features.

How to Do Triceps workout for man
How to Do Triceps workout for Man


Triceps – is one of the main muscles of the arm, both anatomically and externally. Its essence is that it extends the arm and helps the biceps to manipulate the arm: when flexing. That is, it is not enough to have just developed biceps in order to perform any strength elements. Triceps is a big part of all arm muscle. It not only extends the arm and helps in curl, but also protects the joints. And also, if you only pump biceps, you get a disproportionate hand.


If you want arms to be large, you need to build muscle with our triceps workouts for man. And no one can cope with this task better than basic exercises. And no one can cope with this task better than basic exercises. Therefore, their role in the training program should be paramount. Since they are performed with great weight and require a lot of energy from the athlete. After you complete the basic movements, you can do one or two isolated exercises.

  1. Load and progression. Everything is simple here, if we want muscles to grow, we must constantly increase the weight. If this is not done, then over time the body will get used to the load, and the growth process will stop. But it is worth considering one important detail. At the beginning of your training career, weight will increase very quickly. But the longer you train, the harder it becomes. Therefore, do not overexert yourself. We take such a weight with which we can technically correctly perform a given number of repetitions.
  2. Time under load. On average, for small muscle groups, it is recommended to perform the approach for 30-40 seconds. But doing the exercise and looking at the stopwatch will be clearly uncomfortable. Therefore, it is easier to count repetitions. At a normal pace, it is recommended to perform 8 to 12 reps for triceps, when training for grow weight. And 12-15 in the usual mode for muscle hypertrophy.
  3. Work to muscle failure. With natural training, failure work is the basis for muscle growth. That is, we perform the approach until the moment when we can no longer do a single repetition. Then, with the help of a spotter or a little cheating, we throw in the weight. And add 2 or 4 reps

Triceps Anatomy, Benefits

As the name suggests, the triceps have three parts (heads) – long, lateral and medial. The fibers of all three heads, tapering, pass into a common ligament, which crosses the elbow joint and is attached to the protrusion on the ulna of the forearm. The triceps contraction straightens the arm – this is the main function of this muscle. In some people, the triceps ligament is short and the muscular stretches from the triceps all the way down to the elbow. In other athletes triceps muscle a long and peakier.

  1. Outer Triceps Head (Lateral) – Forms the outer portion of the “U”, its fibers originating from a small vertical section on the back of the humerus. About 2/3 of the distance from the elbow to the shoulder joint.
  2. The middle head of the triceps (medial) – lies below and between the other two. It surrounds 2/3 of the upper and back of the humerus. It is a very thick muscle that helps lift the arm towards the shoulder and forms the deep, curved portion of the U-shaped triceps. The muscular is shorter than that of other triceps heads, so a depression is formed at the elbow, giving the triceps a horseshoe shape.
  3. The longest triceps muscle (internal head) – starts from the scapula just below the head of the humerus due to the fact that its muscular feature crosses the shoulder joint from behind. The arm must be pulled back to fully activate the long head.

Triceps Function

The main function of the triceps muscle is to straighten the arm at the elbow joint. Just like the biceps, it helps to flex the forearm, the triceps returns the arm to its original position. Also, it allows you to save the joints from a heavy load, the medial head of the triceps is responsible for this.

Types of Triceps Workouts For Man

The 3 Best Dumbbell Triceps Exercises.

Dumbbell Extension with Two Hands from Behind the Head

This one is more triceps workouts for man involves all the bundles of the triceps brachii (medial, lateral, and long ulnar muscles).

Variation executing how as standing and sitting:

dumbbell extension workout
dumbbell extension


How to Do:

  1. Take a dumbbell with both hands, lower it behind your head, while your elbows should be pressed to your head.
  2. While inhaling, straighten your arms, while at the top point the elbows should remain slightly bent, this will reduce the load on the elbow joints.
  3. Taking a breath, we lower the dumbbell behind the head, while the dumbbell at the lowest point should not rest on the neck so as not to injure the spine.

One-arm Dumbbell Extension

In this version exercises, the dumbbell is extended to the triceps with only one hand. The work involves the lateral and long head of the triceps, tendon and ulnar muscle.

One-arm Dumbbell Extension workout
One-arm Dumbbell Extension workout

How to Do:

  1. The exercise is best done while sitting, but there are also options for doing it while standing.
  2. Raise one hand with the dumbbell over your head so that your bicep is pressed against your head.
  3. Inhale and lower the dumbbell behind your head, while the arm can be minimally deviated to the side, bending the arm to form a 90-degree.
  4. Exhaling and the arm, due to the strength of the triceps, straightens to its original position. There is an option when you help with your free hand, and you can also insure yourself without a spotter.
  5. Do 10-12 reps for 3-4 sets.

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Extension of One Hand Back with a Dumbbell in the Slope

The exercise will require a horizontal bench. The lateral, long head of the triceps, and the ulnar muscle work.

Extension of one hand back with a dumbbell
Extension of one hand back with a dumbbell


How to Do:

  1. Hold a dumbbell in one hand, the weight of which should be appropriate for your level, but usually a light weight is used in this exercise.
  2. Focus on the bench or simply stay in a 45-degree recline position. Focus on the leg, this is your starting position.
  3. With your elbow against your body, begin to straighten your arm using the energy of the triceps until it is fully extended. Fix the position for 1-2 seconds. And return to the starting position.
  4. Do 3-4 reps with each arm which will have 12-15 reps.

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To train triceps workouts for man with dumbbells, do not use heavy weights, especially if you have no training experience.

The slower the movement when extending the arm, the more the triceps are involved, receiving a static and dynamic load.

At the point where the arm is maximally extended, take a 1-2 second pause, this will cause the triceps muscles to get their maximum peak contraction.

Do 3-4 sets with 15-20 reps if you are using light weight and 10-12 reps if the weight is the highest for you. Remember the burning sensation in the muscles is an indicator in execute triceps pumped well during the exercise.

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