🔥Pushups for Triceps

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🚨 Pushups for Triceps

✅ A push-up with your hands together is a great triceps exercise, but it’s got a few shortcomings. ✅ Most guys can do 20 or more of them, so the load isn’t heavy enough for maximum hypertrophy. The range of motion is shorter than it could be too. Finally, the exercise is too stable, so the triceps don’t have to work as hard as they would if it were a little unstable.


Pushups for Triceps
Pushups for Triceps


🚨 The Solution

✅ The fix to these three shortcomings is to elevate your feet on a Swiss ball or exercise ball.

  • This shifts more of your weight forward so the triceps have to lift a greater percentage of your bodyweight.
  • By elevating your feet, you’ll work through a greater range of motion.
  • The instability created by having your feet on the ball is excellent for overloading the triceps and core. The triceps push-up, when performed correctly, is tougher than it looks.


Pushups for Triceps Tips
Pushups for Triceps Tips


  1. ✅ Start in a regular push-up position and rest your shins on a large exercise ball. Next, move your hands close together so your index fingers and thumbs make a triangle.
  2. ✅ Brace your abs and lower until your chest touches your thumbs. Press your body up and push your shoulder blades apart at the top of the movement to activate your serratus muscles.

Keep the speed relatively slow at first. If you try to go fast, the ball will probably roll off to the side. Once you get comfortable with the exercise, focus on pushing away from the floor with maximum acceleration.

Triceps Pushups for Bigger
Triceps Pushups for Bigger


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