Build Large Biceps Curl

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🔥 Build Large Biceps Curl

Large Biceps Curl
✅ Large Biceps Curl

💥 The biceps training program for mass weight, has ceased to be traditional and has acquired the following form:

  • Curl the barbell for standing biceps – 4 x 10 reps
  • Curl dumbbells on an incline bench (45 ° required) – 4 sets of 10 repetitions
  • Curl the biceps on the lower block – 3 sets of 12 repetitions

Such an algorithm is a classic complex of training biceps for weight,, which is used by professional bodybuilders. And for their hands, it fits perfectly. Probably your biceps training scheme is very similar to it.



💥 “How to pump your biceps.” Today I will tell only about the training algorithm itself and its nuances:

  1. I start with a warm-up. The goal is to heat the entire volume of the arm as much as possible and fill it with blood. I perform a superset of standing up for a biceps barbell + arm extension on a triceps block. Three sets of 20 times.
  2. At each lesson, I choose a new main exercise for the biceps, which I perform in 7-8 approaches.
  3. Be sure to perform the exercise with supination. If it is the second in the complex, and I’m already tired, I’ll do it with a little weight, but I try to hold the turned-out brush in a peak position until the biceps numb. Usually it is 4-5 seconds.
  1. Finishing biceps training with one approach on any simulator. I try to do 100 reps. They work exclusively in a shortened trajectory, until I feel a strong burning sensation.
  2. Stretching the right and left biceps, staying in the stretched position for 20 seconds. Everything



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