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🔥 Can forced negatives help you grow?

💥 Absolutely! Forced negatives are when you are performing an exercise (EZ-bar curl, Skull Crushers) and on the eccentric portion of the lift, or the downward portion, the weight is increased. This can be done in two ways

1️⃣Put more weight on the bar than you can lift and have a partner assist you in getting the bar up, then you control it on the way back down

2️⃣Use a weight you can normally lift, but have a partner push the bar down on the eccentric portion of the lift making it more difficult.

💥Eccentric lifting has shown to increase muscle activation as well as increase muscle damage, which may both be needed to make huge gains!


🔥 Turn your wrists!

💥Optimally training the biceps in done by manipulating variables. This includes rotating your palms up, palms vertical, and palms down are all variables to use to optimize biceps gains.

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