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Plank for all muscle groups.

Plank is an exercise – that was included in homeworkings a couple of decades ago. Then they forgot about him somehow: there were new simulators that helped “to achieve the ideal cubes on the stomach”, and freshly developed complexes for training. And more recently about a lath again have recollected. From what suddenly, What opportunities gives, it would seem, a simple exercise and what kinds it?

plank exercises

This is a static exercise, and this fact basically makes the thirsty
taut muscles to question its effectiveness.
It must be hard. And here you stand for a minute or two in the plank. But you first
try to stand right this minute.

Exercise involves several muscle groups in the process. And changing the positions of the hands and feet, experimenting with the number of points of support, you will train the press, hands, back, buttocks and many more different muscle groups. And the most pleasant thing is that for this exercise special conditions are not necessary. At home, in a hotel room (suddenly you are on a business trip?) Or, as we are this time, right in the park – wherever there is an even area for support, you can make a plank.

To perform these exercises, you do not need additional equipment, but
At the same time they are very effective for the abdominal and body muscles. If you always do not have enough time for sports, then the plank for you is a godsend. A minute exercise instantly warms up the whole body, and if you carry out the plank every day, you will notice that not only did you pump your muscles, but you also became more enduring. I will show you the classic and sophisticated types of plank. The only important thing is to follow the technique. Let you stay in the plank less in time, but properly load the muscles.

Plank with straight arms (basic plank)

Plank with straight arms (basic plank)

Effect: well works out abdominal muscles.
Technique of execution: hands are under the shoulders, legs in the knees do not bend, The back should be straight. Keep your head down, look
forward. Maximize the tension of the press, and twist the pelvis, that is, the pelvis does not must sag or stick out.
Start with 1 minute, increase the time by 30 seconds every two days. So
gradually bring the bar to 3 minutes. If you are tired, do not lower your knees to the floor, but go to the pose of “put head down” – so you relax, but keep the effect.

Plank on elbows (complicated version of classical plank)

correct position of the back at the plank

Effect: works well abdominal muscles, a large chest muscle, deltoid muscle, square muscle of the waist.
Technique of execution: we are still following our backs – it is important that it be straight, the loin did not sag, the pelvis did not stick out. If you easily stand in the plank on elbows, then you are doing something wrong! In this situation, strain muscles that hold your body in a straight position; is not only the stomach, but also the muscles of the arms, back and front surface of the thigh.

Side lath with straight arms or on the elbow (complicated
option) or simple – One side plank!

plank exercises

Effect: the external muscle of the abdomen and internal, involved the middle gluteal muscle, a wide hip muscle.
Technique: the body is one straight line, the legs stand either one on the other (so harder), or one in front of the other. It is necessary to keep the press as tight as possible, the upper arm on the loin or pointing upwards with the palm open. Take care that the pelvis does not sag down.
To change sides, do not get down on your knees. Go to the classic the bar on the right hands, and then turn the other way.
We start from 1 minute on each side. If very hard, rest, but again in the “head to the floor” position. Return to the original position and hold out minute. You will notice that each time you need less rest, you become more enduring. Then increase the time.

These three plank exercises will make you stronger and more hardy!!!

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