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✅ Bulgarian Split Squat

🔥Bulgarian Split Squat
🔥Bulgarian Split Squat

✅Exercise refers to polyarticular, it is similar to the usual lunge and involves the same muscle groups, in particular:


  • Targeted – quadriceps;
  • synergists – a large gluteal, leading (adductors), soleus;
  • Dynamic stabilizers – hamstring muscles, calf muscles;
  • stabilizers – small / medium gluteal.
Bulgarian Split Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat



Technique of execution Bulgarian Split Squat

Despite all its simplicity, the exercise refers to the land-to-air class of increased complexity, and so that it turns out to be 100%, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, i.e. observance of the execution technique.

Step # 0.

Approach with dumbbells in hands to a low bench. Throw one foot up on the edge of the bench, and the other take a step forward. This will be your starting position. Keep your back straight, look forward.

Step # 1.


Inhale, on exhalation start to go down, bending the knee and thigh of the supporting leg. As soon as you descend to the parallel of the thigh of the floor or slightly lower (lunge), push the upward and return to the initial position with the powerful combined effort of the leg muscles (with the heel support point). Carry out the set number of repetitions.

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