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🚨Calf Front Raises Proper Form🚨

🎯Target Muscles: Tibialis Anterior (muscle in front of shin)

3 Things to Avoid:

❌Short Squeeze Up Top- Without a full / long squeeze up top, you will not fully engage and contract the tibialis anterior.
❌Shoulders Forward, Off Balance- Having shoulders too far forward can create an imbalance and make this exercise much more awkward and prevent you from performing controlled reps.
❌Knees Moving Up & Down- This can be a sign that you are using too much weight. The feet should be the only part of your legs moving.

3 Things to Include:
✅Long Squeeze Up Top- A 2-3 second squeeze up top will ensure a full muscle contraction of the tibialis anterior.
✅Body Balanced- Shoulders slightly back is a good way to create balance and keep focus on the calves.
✅No Knee Movement- Keeping knees from moving up and down will keep other leg muscles from being activated and allow you to better isolate the tibialis anterior.


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