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The best exercises for the forearms

Pump Large Forearms



Strong and large forearms increase the impression of appearance in general, they are always in sight in the summer. The forearms also help to make the best grip of the brushes during the deadlift or in the vis on the horizontal bar. Forearms, hands and wrists need to be paid attention during training.

Single-Arm Forearm

Single-Arm Forearm



Select a dumbbell, or in a block-type grip take the cable with a handle of the appropriate size and weight. Sit on the bench and hold the dumbbell in such a way that the elbow and forearm lay on the hip, and the arm hangs freely from the knee.
If this occurs in a block cable simuliator your position is to hold your hand on the weight and flexibly make the extension flexion.

The elbow needs to be bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and lift the palm up. Now, lower your hand with the dumbbell or the handle in the cable simuliator down and bend your wrist up so that your palm is pointing towards the shoulder. Try to perform slowly. Do 3 sets of at least 10 repetitions.

Walking Farmer

Walking Farmer exercises


This is one of the most effective exercises to pump large and more powerful forearms in a short period of time. It also promotes the development of iron capture. Another advantage of this exercise is that it improves the shoulders and develops a powerful torso. Choose two dumbbells with weights of the appropriate size.

Stand straight, holding one in each hand. Begin walking, while straining the press, lift the chest and take your shoulders back. When doing this exercise on a warm-up charge to prepare the entire body, do 3-4 sets of 14 meters. You can also add weight, if possible, for 20 minutes.

Single-Arm Reverse Forearm Curls

Single-Arm Forearm


Add weight to the barbell or take a dumbbell with which it is convenient to work during the exercise. Stand up, straighten your back, or settle on the bench. Then bend your arms up halfway and hold the barbell or dumbbell for a couple of seconds. Then slowly lower it back to its original position.

Further, holding the barbell or dumbbell, bend your hands to the middle and unscrew them all the way up. When performing this exercise, the lower point of each repetition will be the middle link of the entire movement. 3 approaches at least 8 replicates will give good results.

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