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🔥Here are my TOP 3 exercises to work into any back day! You can apply any variation of these 3 exercises.

✅Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell Rows
Dumbbell Rows




The Dumbbell Rows with one hand abbreviate the wide muscles of the back, swings the bottom and middle of the trapezoids. Increases the symmetry.

Technique of execution Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell Rows with one hand is the fundamental exercise for pumping the widest muscles. If you compare it, for example, with the classic barbell rod tilt, then you can easily identify a number of advantages. First, the amplitude of the exercise here is an order of magnitude greater than in traditional traction. Secondly, you can much better focus on the work of the target muscle. Thirdly, the biceps is almost not included in the work, and therefore does not take the load off the widest.

The main advantage of pulling dumbbells with one hand is its special property – it allows you to “lower” the widest down. What does it mean? The broadest muscle is flat and loses its thickness downwards. At many the most wide back very thin, though their powerful bottom and provides to the athlete a so-called V-shaped form. The Dumbbell Rows is aimed to penetrate the bottom of the broadest, which is not capable of doing any similar exercise. However, here there are also their “pitfalls”. The main of which is the wrong technique.

How wrong?


The athlete holds the body almost horizontally. In this position, the biceps begins to receive a load much more than the very broadest muscle. In proving these words, a very large angle of elbow bending can be cited. The athlete, trying to lift the elbow as high as possible, will include the biceps, since the inclined horizontal body with its straight back limits the height of its rise. In simple terms, this position of the body forces the dumbbell to be pulled out by the force of the hand.

How right?

The body of the athlete is at a high angle of ascent. In this position, the elbow significantly increases the amplitude of its movement. This means that it will be longer to pull the dumbbell with the elbow, and not the biceps. After all, the elbow is the main function of the widest back. Proceeding from this, the latissimus back muscles will take longer to load. By the way, the biceps in this position is almost turned off and works half-heartedly.

Complete worked all the repetitions with the right hand, do the same repetitions for the left side. This will be one approach to Dumbbell Rows exercises.


✅Isolation Lat Pull Downs

Isolation Lat Pull Downs
Isolation Lat Pull Downs



The main muscles  – are the widest back
Auxiliary – large round muscle of the back and triceps
Complexity of execution – medium

Weight and number of repetitions for beginners

For men: 10 – 15 repetitions of 15 – 20 kg. 2 – 3 approaches.
For women: 10 – 15 repetitions of 5 – 10 kg. 2 – 3 approaches.

  1. The back should be bent at the waist, the pelvis backward, and the body tilted forward about 60-45 degrees.
  2. When pulling the handle to yourself – a little straighten your back. To shortening the width back muscles. And when we release the handle from ourselves, on the contrary, we lean forward to stretch the muscles to the maximum. That is, the body must also move.
  3. The legs should be slightly bent. Hands in elbows or straight, or almost straight. Elbows look in the sides.
  4. Tighten the handle until the groin itself (until it touches). The larger the amplitude of motion, the better.
  5. You will not use a lot of weight. Therefore, choose such a weight that you can make at least 12 repetitions.

✅Straight Bar Rows

Straight Bar Rows
Straight Bar Rows



Technique of execution Straight Bar Rows

How correctly to pull the barbell to the belt?
The technique of execution, is extremely simple. But this does not mean that the exercise is simple!

  1. Set the projectile on the fixing posts. Only after that it can be loaded;
  2. Pododit to the bar, remove it from the fixing racks, and lower it to the floor.
  3. Next, grab the barbell direct grip. Hands should be parallel to each other, and should be placed on the width of the shoulders. No wider, since in this case the load on the muscles of the back is significantly weakened, and with a wide grip, it is possible to damage the elbow joint.
  4. Boots slightly bent at the knees;
  5. Perform the deflection of the waist.
  6. The head should look strictly at the mirror (ie up). This will allow you to monitor the technique of the exercise, and in addition, the load on the trapezium depends on this.
  7. Remove the bar slowly. The main movement should be made behind the elbows. This is the only way to turn off “weak” hands as much as possible, and include a “strong” back.
  8. Perform to the waist, pulling the shoulder blades from behind.
  9. Set for 1 second;
  10. Slowly lower the rod to the arms outstretched. In this case, the hands themselves do not need to be fully straightened, since in this case there will be an effect of “30 degrees”, when the joints and ligaments prevent the maximum movement of muscles.

Execute until complete failure.

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