✳️SETS: 4 ✳️REPS: 8-10 ✳REST EACH SET: 90

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✳️ One of the common mistakes in squatting is performing a hip hinge instead of a squat. A typical squat is constrained with In 39-46 degrees of forward lean, while a deadlift is between 68-75 degrees of lean, these parameters will vary between individuals because of structural differences but they do a good representation of the mechanics of each exercise.

It can become a potential issue when one mixes up the mechanics between the two. This is because the squat starts at a locked out position while the deadlift in a tense loaded position. This means when you begin a deadlift, you will experience the greatest torque relatively soon, while a squat you ascend into the torque increase. This ascent does not allow you to judge how the weight will feel coming up. Which is the harder part of the exercise. Leaving for potential detriment in form and unstable loading of the back.

Another reason you want to fix this mistake is because of the different lever arms each exercise offers. A deadlift will have a greater lever arm than a squat, simply because of the greater hip flexion. However respectively if both had the same amount of hip flexion the torque on the lower back would be greater on the squat. This is because the load is placed much higher than the where the deadlift grip would be.

💪 How is your squat form, try the wall squat test by squatting in-front of a wall 6ish inches away. This should show you how much forward lean you have.

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