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🚨 Technique of execution DUMBBELL CHEST FLYES

  • The bench should have an angle to perform the exercise at 30 degrees. It is this arrangement of your body that will allow you to work out the muscle fibers of the pectoral muscles as qualitatively as possible.
  • Take the dumbbells and take the starting position. Hands are above the head, slightly bent and fixed in the elbow joint. The peculiarity of the starting position is the location of the legs, which are directly on the bench, and not, as is traditionally done, on the floor.
  • This will eliminate the auxiliary movement due to the deflection in the back and focus as much as possible, transferring the entire load to the muscles of the chest.
  • From the initial position, smoothly begin to perform a negative phase and take a deep breath. For clarity of the exercise, make sure that the elbows are looked strictly down and remain slightly bent, keeping the position as in the starting position.
  • At the lowest point, hold the dumbbells for a few seconds, the main thing is to feel the pleasant pain in the muscle tissues, which is the consequence of the correct exercise. Avoid discomfort in the ligaments and joints to prevent injury. Pain sensations, as a rule, appear due to excessive use of weights during the exercise. So do not abuse the training scales.
  • After passing through the negative phase, exhale and bring your hands together, returning them to the starting position. In the upper point of the positive phase, dumbbells should touch: this allows you to further reduce the pectoral muscles. Remember that at the lowest point of the negative phase, your task is to stretch the pectoral muscle as much as possible. Directly at the top point you need to reach the peak of contraction and burning.
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