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DUMBBELL CONCENTRATION CURL – The best exercise if your goal is to give a more convex and distinct mid-bicep shape.


The movements studied in this exercise are the movements used in most sports. Therefore, it is from this exercise that your sports performance will depend. Also, do not forget that, in many respects, it depends on the strength of your biceps depends on how intense and effective your muscles work your chest and back.




Technique of doing the exercise DUMBBELL CONCENTRATION CURL

  1. Sit on the edge of the bench and take the dumbbell grip from below, with your right hand. The legs are much wider than the shoulders, press your feet to the floor, as tightly as possible. The starting position is the position when you lean forward and rested on the inside of the right hip, the lower part of the right triceps. With the palm of your left hand, lean against the left thigh (also, you can lean against your side or knee), your right arm slightly bend at the elbow.
  2. Lift the dumbbell to the chest, straining the biceps, overcoming the most difficult part of the rise – exhale slightly, before beginning the repetition – take a deep breath and hold your breath. When the dumbbell is at the top and almost touches the chest, take a short pause and strain the bicep more. Then gently lower the dumbbell, while exhaling.
  3. It is necessary to pause and strain the biceps even more, when the dumbbell almost touches the chest, this will make the exercise more effective. Do not help yourself with the whole body, only the biceps should work. When you have finished the approach with your right hand, repeat the same with the left hand.


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