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🚨Face Pulls Proper Form

🎯Target Muscles: Rear Delts, Rhomboids

🚨Face Pulls Proper Form🚨
🚨Face Pulls Proper Form🚨

✅ Technique of execution Face Pulls

  • Step 1. Take the rope of the simulator grasp from above (the distance between the palms is slightly less than the width of the shoulders). Hands are straightened at the elbows, and are in front of you
  • Step 2. Take a breath and pull the rope to the level of the chin, at the peak, we raise our arms slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • Step 3. After reaching the top point, exhale and smoothly lower the rope to its original position.
🚨Face Pulls Proper Form🚨
🚨Face Pulls Proper Form🚨
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