How to Standing Overhead Press – Wrong & Right

❌Bending knees ❌not keeping core activated ❌not contesting shoulders . ✅full range of motion ✅feet shoulder width apart ✅Controlled reps . ✳️Muscle: shoulders ✳️Type : compound ✳️Sets : 4 ✳️Reps : 8-12 ✳️Rest: 60 sec

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Shoulder press (Army press) – from the chest while standing is a key exercise for developing the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arm muscles.

Shoulder Press - Wrong & Right Press

Since the correct execution technique involves lifting the weight above the head with fixed legs and a tense abs, this exercise also indirectly develops the muscles of the body. That is why the standing barbell press is one of the five basic exercises for muscle growth.

In addition, standing press is considered one of the best ways to strengthen the muscles involved in doing pull-ups on the crossbar – first of all, the latissimus dorsi, back bundles of the deltoid muscles, and also the trapezium. Regular performance of the bench press standing from the chest helps to create a broad-shouldered figure with a confident sports posture and strong arms.

It is important to note that the main drawback of the standing press is its technical complexity and an increased risk of injury to the shoulder joint with the wrong technique – including variations with dumbbells. It must be remembered that novice athletes are recommended to perform this exercise exclusively with moderate working weight and under the supervision of a trainer.

shoulder press -Wrong Variant

Technique of execution STANDING OVERHEAD PRESS

  • Become straight, take the bar that before it loaded with pancakes with the right weight, throw the bar on the chest, this is the starting position.
  • Slowly and under control, start to press the weight over your head, the hands in the top can completely do not unbend elbow to avoid the load on the elbow joints.
  • Watch your breath carefully when doing this exercise. It is advisable to do either five repetitions of the standing shoulder press with one breath, or breathe exclusively at the top point – but in no case exhale air when moving up, or at the bottom of the trajectory. Remember that the presence of air in the lungs helps push the weight of the bar up
  • Do the required number of repetitions (12 reps x4 sets)

Right Variant Shoulder Press

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