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🚨Planks Proper Form🚨

🎯Target Muscles: Rectus Abdominus, Internal & External Obliques, Hips, Back

🚨Planks Proper Form🚨
🚨Planks Proper Form🚨

The duration of the planks is 1-2 minutes, but at the initial stage it will be enough and 30 seconds, for 4 approaches between which a break of 15-20 seconds, as the muscles will adapt to the load, gradually increase the length of the plank to two minutes without breaks.

Planks Proper Form
Planks Proper Form

Secrets of Exercising the Planks

  • In order not to overturn and not to lower your head, you should look at the floor at a fictitious point;
  • What would the back remain perfectly flat, and the waist would not bend, twist the pelvis toward yourself, with the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles fix its position;
  • For greater balance and a straight line of the body, do not remove the shoulder blades or lift the shoulders;
  • The angle of the elbow joint during the execution of the bar should be 90 degrees;
  • Be sure to strain the muscles of the buttocks, this will eliminate the movement of the pelvis upwards;
  • For correct and more efficient execution, keep your feet together.
Planks Proper Form
✅ Planks Proper Form
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