Fix Your Gap between Bicep and Elbow, Tips & Guide

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Fix Your Gap Between Bicep and Elbow

Fix your gap between bicep and elbow, improve wrist mobility.

Gap Between Bicep and Elbow
How to Stretching rules

If your forearm muscles are lagging behind the rest of your arm it could be either a neural/tightness of the muscle or genetic issue.

This post will focus on the gap between bicep and elbow caused by an unproportionable brachioradialis muscle. This muscle fills in the gap between the bicep peak and the elbow crease. This is both for aesthetic purposes and functional as the forearm muscles can causes issues like tennis elbow.

How to properly stretch a muscle

  1. For stretch the brachioradialis and to prevent the gap between bicep and elbow, place your hand on top of the other and grasp it;
  2. Extend your elbow as much as allowed that is comfortable. Now pull with the opposite hand forcing the wrist into a slight hyperextended position;
  3. Next slowly externally rotate the arm keeping the hand in the same position until you feel a stretch;
  4. Hold this stretch for 20-30 secs for 2-3 sets, try to perform it for 3-4 days a week.

Forearm muscles

The next phase is beginning to train the brachioradialis and prevent the gap between bicep and elbow. It has two functions, elbow flexion ( agonist to the bicep) and supination of the forearm.

how to forearm stretching
How to Forearm Stretch
  • The best way to target the brachioradialis is with supination curls. To perform these start with the dumbbells to your side in a hammer curl position.
  • As you begin to lift them, internally rotate (pronate) your forearm (turn your thumb towards your side) as much as allowed, this will make the weight feel very heavy, so be sure to choose a lighter weight.
  • Now as you reach the end of the motion at the top, begin externally rotate the forearm (supinate) this will activate the brachioradialis further. Also, add a second curl exercise that has the hands prone (facing down).

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You can also stretch your wrist flexors and extensors in a similar way, just extend the wrist with your other hand while with an outreached arm, and you’ll stretch the flexors, to stretch the extensors, flex the wrist. This will help improve your wrist mobility.

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