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Jenna Flores, for 16 months lost 27 kg

weight loss success stories



“Compete with your friends.” Why not !

“I weighed 109 kg, suffered from constant fatigue and was ready to finally start losing weight. Then I set myself the goal to take part in the race for 5 kilometers. When there were only two months left before the race, I never started regular training. Then I told my colleague about my plans, and she decided to run the marathon with me. For lunch break we firmly decided to prepare for the race, and then I thought: “Damn, now it’s all real!” For a start, we started running on the beach after work.

For the first couple of weeks, I hardly ran without a break for more than a minute. But little by little began to run great distances. My colleague supported me morally, thanks to her, I was able to treat training more easily. That race was a turning point for me. I think that’s when I saw the gleam in my life. “

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